Planet 1 Networks will never offer you a cookie cutter package.

What Makes Us Different
That’s what sets us apart.


We’re here to support you with a communication solution that works for your unique needs

When you work with us, our focus is on you. We’re not trying to set you up with a cookie cutter package that works for most business, we’re trying to find the solution for you and your needs.

A lot of other service providers don’t take into account just how different each business can be. Just like with any software, you don’t know what you don’t know. Different environments are different! We work to determine what kind of environment you are working with now and how we can help improve your communications.

When you come to us, we’re going to ask you how you’d like to see the system work. Everything we do can be custom designed to work how you want it. You won’t find anyone else who offers these sort of personalized services.

But don’t worry, we understand that software and technology isn’t everyone’s forte. When we’re setting you up, we’ll offer our expert opinion to help you find get the best technology and setup. You tell us your goals, and we’ll help you achieve them.

We’re here when something goes wrong

What are you going to do when something goes wrong? Well, if you partner with us, we will fix it and get you running like normal as quickly as possible.

Our team is local, we’re not hard to reach, and we’re friendly. No longer will you have to go through call center after call center, escalating until you finally (maybe) reach the right person. If and when you have an issue, you’ll call us, we will ask some questions, and we will determine how to fix your issue.

While a national carrier may have a far-reaching reputation, they will definitely won’t be able to help you like we can when you are in a tough spot.

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We’re not like the other guys

By partnering with Planet 1 Networks, you’re choosing:

Someone local to help

We’re here for you when you need us. Don’t worry, when a problem arises, we’ve got you.

An expert in communication

Our team are experts in business-class voice and data, with capabilities to get you the best technology for your budget.

Someone who knows you

Our goal is to understand your business. When we know you, we can give you the best services for you.