Internet access for voice and data networking has become the essential requirement for the modern business enterprise.

Take business communications beyond the wire.


Traditional PBX, or wired phone systems and service, is not only expensive, it does not serve the integration and flexibility demanded of productive business communications in today’s technology-empowered environment.

The right Cloud PBX solution will take your business beyond the wire.

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The critical first choice is the service provider who can identify and deliver that solution. Planet 1 Networks is here to be that provider, including the resources and relationship dedicated to meeting your specific business needs. With Planet 1 Networks, the right Cloud PBX solution is a trouble-free transition for your business; a painless transition that is customized, affordable as well as reliable, offering the quality to assure your communications technology will be a valued asset to your business’ success.

Planet 1 Networks Cloud PBX over traditional wired PBX.

Getting the right wireless solution affords many benefits

Cost Savings

From initial setup to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, a Cloud PBX through Planet 1 Networks removes significant cost associated with establishing and running your own phone system on premise.

Ease of Setup & Use

With Planet 1 Networks, implementation is painless and the management of your system will no longer deplete your time and resources.

Local Presence & Power

With Planet 1 Networks your business has a local Cloud PBX provider and access to our powerful fiber optic network, including bandwidth and service to meet the peak demands of your business.

Location Flexibility

With desktop soft phone applications and even mobile phone applications, your workers can access your phone system from anywhere. You are no longer tied down to just your desk phone, and can set one number to ring every device.


Since your system isn’t limited by what hardware you have on premise, with Planet 1 Networks you can scale your system up or down with a call to us, or in some cases by the flick of a switch to best fit your needs.


A Planet 1 Networks Cloud PBX will elevate your business’ image and service profile: a robust phone system that will never fail combined with features normally reserved for large enterprise systems, like auto-attendant and call routing.


A Planet 1 Networks VoIP and a Cloud PBX solution is individual, personal, and initiated to deliver specific, scalable outcomes and features.


Cloud PBX or VoIP is not a one-size-fits-all service solution.

Cloud PBX is not a “choose from the menu” proposition, and VoIP is not one-size-fits-all. Many businesses hoping to successfully employ VoIP through their current phone service provider, or other IP service providers, have been disappointed. Whether to gain significant cost savings or enhanced and expanded connectivity, they have instead experienced deficient quality such as echo and drop-out, bandwidth limitations affecting call capacity at peak times, and security issues from toll fraud costs to VoIP spam. As such, these businesses may unfortunately have the impression that VoIP is not all it promises to be.

Defining and implementing the cloud voice solution that will deliver the quality and reliability your business requires is critical, including the right solution at the most affordable price. That is the defining principal of value. There are certainly a host of phone service internet providers who offer price scaled service choices, but choosing VoIP and Cloud PBX from a menu is not as simple as choosing between dinner entrees at a restaurant. Planet 1 Networks can provide the essential difference; with the expertise, personal analysis, and resources to deliver superior Cloud PBX that fulfills the needs of your business, from voice quality, to call routing and peak time capacity, to security, and all the features to serve your business potential.

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Planet 1 Networks supports business throughout Columbus, Central Ohio and the Midwest region. Here are the Case Study examples of how we solved the issues with their Traditional PBX technology.

We believe in tailored communication solutions, and that one price shouldn’t fit all businesses…
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