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Solutions for Small Businesses

Planet 1 Networks looks at your business size and can take it beyond the wire as a premier provider of business-class voice and data services.


VoIP Phone Software and Hardware for Call Centers from Planet 1 Networks Communicator

Planet 1 Networks Communicator Software integrates your phone and digital devices to deliver the latest in reliable, cloud-based technology.

Get connected. Stay Connected for as low as $14.95/month.

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Planet 1 Networks solve those big, small-business challenges.

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Do you have big ambitions for your small business? With our services, we can find you affordable solutions and services that match up with your big ambitions and can have you competing with some of the bigger businesses in your industry.

Call Center Communications

Customer contact can be time consuming but with our Virtual Call Center service, there are features to help you manage incoming calls leaving customers happy and business repeating.

  • Right time, right person, connected

    with our skills-based routing the customer will be accurately connected every time.

  • Customer reports

    will take less time to manage, are easy-to-understand and show you how you are doing.

  • Customer service improvement

    with our call monitoring and recording service.

  • Effortless additions

    allow you to adjust and add new new people or different capabilities for seasonal demand or long-term business growth.

Discover a New World of Business-Class Communication.

Collaborative Business Phone Services

  • Project a big-company image

    with features like music while on hold or web conferencing.

  • Get enormous savings

    that could lead to a phone bill being cut in half.

  • Stay connected on the go

    no matter where you are across various channels.

  • All employees will join forces

    under one phone system that works for anything, anywhere.

Consolidated Communications Suite

  • In one place

    can be your phone, fax and contact center services.

  • Adapt on the go

    by easily managing all of your communications.

  • Life just got easier

    with one low costing monthly bill and one system.

  • Unified and together

    wherever teams go with mobile apps, video conferencing and more.


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