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No matter your size, we have a communications package ready to meet your needs and take your business beyond the wire.


Planet 1 Networks - communicator software for VoIP phone services in Ohio

Planet 1 Networks Communicator Software integrates your phone and digital devices to deliver the latest in reliable, cloud-based technology.

Get connected. Stay Connected for as low as $14.95/month.

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Spend your time planning your next business innovation, not your last.

  • Minimize setup time effortlessly

    with our pre-configured communications platform leading to a faster roll-out

  • Create a unifiable, attainable workforce

    focusing on on-the-go mobility connection to you and your employees across your various locations

  • Reduce maintenance costs

    by using your support demands to find the best service while hiring the best agents globally

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Revamp customer engagement

  • Tailor the customer experience

    by being able to have control over call routing

  • Offer endless support to customers

    whether it be online, over the phone or in person, regardless of the channel

  • Add your own location personality

    to ensure you are adapting to the changing customer and business needs

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We believe in tailored communication solutions, and that one price shouldn’t fit all businesses…
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