Questions to ask before hiring a hosted voice provider

| December 28, 2018

Choosing the right VoIP service provider for your business, commercial or residential service, is an important decision. Exploring your goals and understanding your options is crucial, but it all starts by asking the right questions!

Let’s first start by explaining what a hosted Voice Provider phone service is! Unlike your local phone company, VoIP phone services use your business’ current internet connection to convert and transmit voice as data. Traditional PBX, or wired phones systems and devices aren’t only expensive, but they do not serve the integration and flexibility demanded of productive business communications in today’s technology-empowered environment.

The most critical first choice when choosing a service provider is identifying who can deliver the solution best suited for your business.

Before we go too in-depth, let’s talk about the 5 questions you should ask:

Who’s their local rep. who will you call if there is an issue:

What happens when something goes wrong? Who will my local representative? Who would I contact if there were to be an issue?
This is one of the first questions to ask when thinking about buying a service. It is inevitable that at some point something will come up or stops. This is an important question to ask because no one likes being left in the dark when something goes wrong.
We’ve all gone through finding an email, sending a ticket and then waiting endlessly for a reply. In such a large pool of inquiries, it could take days for you to hear back from someone. This is where choosing a smaller provider comes in handy.
Sometimes all it takes is talking to a real person over the phone that makes all the difference.

Can you perform the task at hand?

One of the biggest things to remember when searching for a business phone provider is that NOT ALL PROVIDERS ARE THE SAME!
This is vital because not every provider offers the same type of system or are confident in their service. That is an important question for a customer to know is whether or not the company can perform the task.
Planet 1 Networks is uniquely equipped to serve and business with tailored, efficient services and solutions.

What are the startup/ implementation costs?

Cost should always be one of the first couple questions that you ask before hiring any service. It is an important question to ask because not every company is the same and not every company offers the same service. For example, while explaining set up product fees, some companies may not include set up cost and this can pop up as a nasty surprise later down the road. Some companies may require you to buy new equipment that is strictly compatible with their system, this can be an unknown cost as well. So asking these types of questions is important before making your final decision.

Is your system capable of expanding as my business grows?

Something that may not seem very important in the beginning, but could be crucial down the road! Can this company continue to provide the same service as your company continues to expand? The best part about Cloud PBX is that it is all internet based, which means…..
Absolutely, no more wires! A completely wireless, cloud-based system! Who knew such a thing was even possible! We did!
The ideal goal of every business is to expand, grow and work their way up. This means not only will your services grow but so will your system requirements. It’s important to know if the company you choose can fulfill those requirements as you grow. Without wire maintenance, your business can grow freely and supply and demand will equally increase.

What are the terms and conditions?

Now, before you seal the deal make sure you know all the terms and conditions. This is a very common mistake because again, people assume that all companies provide the same service. And what do they do? Choose the one with the lowest price! Correct! But that is exactly what we are telling you NOT to do! Make sure you read the terms and conditions before you make your final decision. You want a service that is going to provide you with the best possible solution that is tailored for your company specifically Planet 1 Networks is uniquely equipped to serve and business with tailored, efficient services and solutions.

And Visa Versa, when asking questions expect to receive some of the following questions in return:

  • Where are you/ your company located?
  • What type of internet connection do you have?
  • What is your current equipment system?
  • How many locations do you have?
  • What is your budget?

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Stop! Don’t make these 5 mistakes.

Are you shopping for a new hosted VoIP? Don’t make these five mistakes when picking out your provider.

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