Case Study: Mazel Co
Voice, Data and Managed IT Services by P1N


Mazel Co provides outstanding value to our customers. Their merchandise and service will always beat our competition and meet or exceed our customers and vendors expectations.

Technology Issue

Mazel Co has locations in New York, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus. Their Windstream network was not working properly causing them many operating challenges.

Our Solution

Planet 1 Networks (P1N) first utilized a temporary solution to get them up and running by routing them to a P1N network. Next we addressed the issues with their internet provider on their behalf and ultimately assisted in cancelling their contract with their provider. Our expertise enabled us to pinpoint the problem and address it with the carrier, but the carrier was unable to resolve it. Finally, we facilitated the migration of their servers to P1N Fiber Network and upgraded their on-site voice solution to a cloud voice product.

Products Used


As a result Mazel can now run its operation from anywhere at anytime without worrying about outages. They have the reliability of P1N’s Fiber Network and the flexibility of having all of their devices synced with their business applications. And they are saving $2,000 a month.

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