Case Study: Bricker and Eckler
SIP Trunking Services


Bricker & Eckler is one of Ohio’s leading law firms. Bricker represents a wide variety of clients, with particular strength in health care, public sector, financial services and energy law.

Technology Issue

Bricker and Eckler was unable to dial certain numbers from their in-house phone system and could only call several of their clients from a cell phone.

Our Solution

Planet 1 Networks (P1N) determined that there was a carrier routing issue. Within one day, we implemented a temporary solution by re-routing their Voice traffic network to through a P1N SIP Solution with a new phone number. This enabled them to continue business calls through their phone system. After trying to work with their carrier, the final solution to resolve their issue included routing all voice traffic through Planet 1’s SIP Services.

Products Used


Bricker and Eckler ported all of their numbers to Planet 1’s SIP Services. Paying the same amount as they did with their previous carrier, but with greater reliability, and saves them potential lost revenue of more than $100,000.00. 

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  • Efficiency

    Eliminate overlapping networks and their costs. Instead of operating and maintaining both data and telephone voice networks, one IP-based network provides multiple digital streaming capabilities.

  • No More Long Distance Charges

    Save on costs of long distance communications. Long distance services are a great deal less expensive with SIP Trunking. In effect, all calls become local calls.

  • Guaranteed Secure and Compliant.

    Planet 1 Networks does what is needed to protect your compliance and security along with our own by meeting HIPAA, FISMA, FIPS, and PCI requirements

  • Collaboration Tools and Smartphone Apps –

    Chat, web conferencing, and presence allow you to communicate with others in various locations and our easy-to-use smartphone apps will help you take your office with you on the go.