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If you’re looking for a new hosted voice provider, you don’t want to make these mistakes!

There are so many reasons why a business would be looking into VoIP. It eliminates the need for many per-site equipment expenses, such as telco connectivity and the purchases, upgrades, and maintenance of PBX hardware/software.

It also helps relieve IT budgets, helps simplify moves and new locations, and improves customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

But, when searching for a provider, it can be hard to tell which one to go with. Internet technologies are not top-of-mind for everyone. While you know what you need, it’s difficult to translate the tech speak and actually achieve what you want with a trusted company.

In our guide, you’ll learn to avoid these mistakes:
  • Choosing someone who offers you the same thing they offer everyone else
  • Picking a provider based on price alone
  • Choosing someone whose ongoing support and communication is lacking
  • Not investigating whether the company hosts and manages the network
  • Choosing someone who deploys the technology but then doesn’t check back in

Additionally, our guide goes over the questions you should ask potential providers and gives you tips as you navigate the VoIP world.

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