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Planet 1 Networks is able to provide top notch security for communications beyond the wire with services constructed to meet HIPAA regulations.


VoIP Phone Software and Hardware from Planet 1 Networks for the Medical Office Community using Communicator

Planet 1 Networks Communicator Software integrates your phone and digital devices to deliver the latest in reliable, cloud-based technology.

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The Complete Secure Telecommunication Solution

With this new world of business communication, your communication will be easier than ever. You can connect with available people anywhere.

  • Secure Chat and Phone calls between staff

  • Provides availability for doctors

  • Use existing mobile devices to empower staff

Firewall Security & HIPAA Compliance

Protecting not just Your Business but Yourself

Securing personal data is extremely crucial in the healthcare enterprise. Planet 1 Networks makes sure to monitor its communication systems against cyber thieves out there, protecting the patient data.

The HIPAA rules are continuing to be heavily enforced so healthcare providers have to be careful. Planet 1 Networks provides necessary agreements to document your communications compliance, making the solutions HIPAA-compliant.

Unified, Collaborative Communications

Allows communication to be collaborated across various channels.

  • Remote collaborations

    allow for doctors and technicians to work together

  • Staff from various locations can get connected

  • Enables you to remotely communicate with patients

Control Call Center

Allowing you to easily reach those who can answer any questions you might have making patient experience easier.

  • Patients

    will be connected to the right person when needed

  • Provides

    up-to-minute information for the staff regarding patient information

  • Allows you to manage communication interactions

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